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March brings the daffs - the wild and carefree Lenten Lily appears first, followed by many other miniature flowering daffs which flower till late April. The pathway at the beginning of the garden walk is richly lined with miniatures, as is the path towards The Barn. 


By late March camellias are in full flower and the magnolias burst into blossom. Under-planting is used to enhance trees and shrubs such as magnolias and camellias. At the foot of the vast oak trees snowdrops and cyclamen can also be found nestling amongst the roots.


In April, tulips emerge in borders and pots, along with the wild cherry trees with their showers of white blossom. In recent years many new specimens have been planted to replace those damaged by storms or lost by old age. Towards the end of April and early May, the maples and rhododendrons come to life with bluebells romping underneath.

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