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The Sealy family have lived at Timber Hill since 1951. The land has changed in this time beyond recognition from a simple small holding to a park with beautiful mature gardens. This has been the result of the huge interest and enthusiasm of the current occupants as well as a longstanding, committed and knowledgeable gardener.  Many years were spent clearing enormous brambles and fallen trees.  Vast areas of Rh Ponticum were chopped down but enough was left to create shelter-belts for younger shrubs and bulbs.  Some 220 camellias have been planted and a few dozen rhododendrons besides, as well as thousands of bulbs.

Several factors have really influenced the development of this land in most recent years. The increased use of machinery has made gardening activities more efficient. Our understanding of which plants grow really well on this ground has improved. The annual garden openings have provided a target to work towards and excitingly the garden seems to get better every year.

The gardens are open on several days in conjunction with the NGS (The National Garden Scheme) and is available for private group bookings.  If you are interested in visiting our gardens please contact us so that we can arrange a visit.


TimberHill Gardens

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