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Garden Under Stress

Second Winter followed by Warmer Weather and Flowering up to Valentines Day (We hope!)

Looking at Woking from the top of my hill. This fragrant shrub has been flowering for weeks and weathers the frost really well.

Wet and cold. We had a period of over a week of this miserable weather which knocked back all of the Camellias that were in flower as well as discouraging snowdrops and crocuses.

Camellia Apple Blossom looking sad and dead after several days of severe frost. We cancelled today's NGS opening. It will take a good week for these and others to recover.

St. Ewe Camellia emerging very slowly because of the cold weather.

Crocus Siberi in a rare bit of sunshine

At last today those crocuses Siberi enticed by a warmer day and plenty of sunshine.

Witch-hazel at last opening and glowing in the sunshine after being tight budded and shivering over the past ten days. Another week and the whole Witch-hazel walk should be stunning with the little crocuses underneath. Please watch the weather and come and visit on either the 6th 13th or 20th of February. (Book from NGS).

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