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Hips Haws and Berries

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

From Late September to beginning of November

After the flowers of the summer, we get these fabulous hips haws and fruits/seedheads. Pictured on the left are the bottle shaped hips of Rosa moysii (Geranium) glistening in the sunshine.

Top right is one of many beautiful seed heads belonging to a Camellia. Such an added bonus to the look and beauty of the plant.

Lower right is a Hawthorne, one of ten planted for the Queen's green canopy this year. Which flowered and now bears the fruits. Looking forwards to future years which they will be covered with berries.

Top left Rosa Complicata. The wonderful simple single blooms are followed by these beautiful hips in late summer

Top right is viburnum cornubia. Looks even better in the autumn with its fine branches of beautiful mid green leaves and clusters of lovely red berries.

Mid left the Kiftsgate Rosa. A deluge of white flowers is followed by these fabulous red berries which lasts for weeks in the winter, usually housing a Robin and his family.

Mid left and middle. This strange, slightly sinister plant, seeded itself some years ago,to our astonishment. It is called Jimsonweed and is a species of Nightshade. Like its relative it is toxic. We haven't destroyed it as it occurred naturally and is interesting both in flower and seed head.

Bottom left is another rose with interesting mossing/prickles on its hips. Quite different from Rosa Complicata.

Bottom right another photo of Rosa Complicata

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