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Winter: Rain wind cold and surprises

Takanini Camellia a surprise find one day. The whole bush was covered in blooms just a few days later.

Uninspiring from the distance this "Winter Sweet" (Chimonanthus) is stunning due to both the unusual colour and exotic scent.

A close of the flower "Winter Sweet".

First snowdrops nestling under the lime tree in the woodland. This area will soon be a blanket of snowdrops.

A close up of the first snowdrops

A winter bouquet picked from around the garden fills the kitchen with scent.

The catkins of the Hazelnut tree (Corylus avellana) in full spate.

First blooms of Camellia Bokuhan appearing in early January. They continue all through late winter early spring. Jewel like amongst all the greenery.

The early catkins from the twisted Hazel - Contorta

The Witch-Hazel are out and in flower and soon we hope that the whole Witch-Hazel walk will be a shower of pale yellow.

Beyond on the horizon you can glimpse the Surrey Hills.

A sprinkling of crocus Sieberi appearing underneath the Witch-Hazel. It is referred to as the snow crocus.

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